Theo's Shark Tooth Adventure

Theo's Shark Tooth Adventure Book Cover

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Meet up with us at the Venice Fossil Sharks Tooth Festival on April 13th and 14th to purchase and get your own signed copy! We will also be providing a fun wooden puzzle to go along with the book! 



Dive into "Theo's Shark Tooth Adventure", a captivating children’s book that invites young readers to join Theo, a curious and imaginative boy, on his exciting beach journey. In this beautifully illustrated tale, Theo explores the sandy shores of a seaside town, where every wave washes ashore a new treasure.

With his trusty bucket in hand, Theo sets out under the sun, determined to find a rare shark tooth. His adventure leads him to discover not just the wonders of the beach but also the joy of unexpected finds. It's a heartwarming reminder that sometimes, the true treasures aren't the ones we're searching for.