Ceramic Custom Fossilized Rings - FREE SHIPPING

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Please use the provided chart listed below for each product to ensure the correct size is a good fit. We can not offer refunds on incorrectly ordered sizes, colors, or designs. To read the full refund policy, click here.

This ring is made of a lightweight scratch resistant ceramic.

Each customized ring will be inlaid with your choice of

  • Petrified Blue Forest Wood
  • Mastodon Enamel
  • Powdered Mammoth Enamel
  • Powdered Megalodon Teeth
  • and more!

Please reach out to us for any other desired materials. If we have it in stock, we will gladly make a ring out of it!

All materials used are fossils that FossilHog.com or Digging Science have gathered! 

Check out Digging Sciences YouTube channel! 

After placing your order, we will reach out to you through email to ensure we make the ring exactly like you want! If no email provided, we will provide one similarly displayed.

Each ring will take 1-2 weeks to ship since each ring is custom made when ordered.